If you are looking for someplace to learn, create, share, and play come visit Fab Lab Houston! We have many opportunities for you to get involved with our community of makers.

Fab Lab Youth Series

The Fab Lab Youth Series serves as an introduction to Fab Lab tools and equipment for middle and high school –aged students. This 12 week program includes a series of basic tool workshops for each of the core tools found within the Fab Lab, and a collaborative capstone project that integrates multiple tools. Participants learn how to safely use equipment, gain basic skills in core Fab Lab tools and the design process, and become certified in using these tools independently. This course is a pre-requisite to become a Fab Lab Ambassador described in detail below.

Fab Lab Ambassadors

Fab Lab Ambassadors are dedicated young people that serve the Fab Lab community in leadership roles. Ambassadors must complete the Fab Lab Youth Series and express commitment to the Lab prior to being invited to become an ambassador. Through this club, youth participate in monthly group activities in the Lab, engage in self-directed learning projects, and take on responsibilities – such as volunteering and assisting with community projects.

Young Makers

The Young Makers program is offered through the BakerRipley after school program. The program is being run at the Cleveland Campus in Pasadena, Ripley House in the East End, and East Aldine. Young Makers will participate in STEAM learning through a variety of hands-on activities. There are also several chances to come to Fab Lab Houston during the semester for digital fabrication based lessons.